Friday, 31 May 2013

Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 Paris-Edinburgh

Chanel's pre-fall 2013 collection is all about Scottish heritage. Show hosted in Edinburgh's castle represents the intersection of tweeds combined with knitwear and opulent embellishment. Take a look at our favourite designs:

Monday, 27 May 2013

Waltzing Along

" The people were dancing mad [...] The ladies of Vienna are particularly celebrated for their grace and movements of waltzing of which they never tire."

 - Don Curzo

James Tissot To Early

James Tissot The Woman of Fashion

James Tissot The Ball

 Anders Zorn The Waltz

Charles Hermans Ball Masque

Friday, 24 May 2013

Max Richter: Vivaldi Recomposed - Spring 1

Composer Max Richter has done a brave thing for any artist in any medium: He's messed with a classic, specifically, Vivaldi's four violin concertos known as The Four Seasons. He has a new album simply titled Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons.

Richter says that as a child, he loved The Four Seasons. But as he grew older, that passion faded.

"As a child, I fell in love with it," he tells NPR's Audie Cornish. "It's beautiful, charming music with a great melody and wonderful colors. Then, later on, as I became more musically aware — literate, studied music and listened to a lot of music — I found it more difficult to love it. We hear it everywhere — when you're on hold, you hear it in the shopping center, in advertising; it's everywhere. For me, the record and the project are trying to reclaim the piece, to fall in love with it again."

Listen to the piece called "Spring 1" and see whether he succeeded in enchanting you by his brave attempt. He surely did enchant us. We instantly fell in love with its uplifting spirit.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Origins of Pastel Hair Dye

As we all know, the paster-colored hair dye trend got big couple of seasons ago and, unlike the color itself, it doesn't seem to fade. On the contrary, this year like never before, the models and big names seem to flaunt it pretty heavily. As the spring finally arrived, everybody craves for a burst of color. We can spot both girls and guys on the streets of London, having their 'do's done in multiple shades. And all the independent hair dye companies seem to be well prepared for the demands of the customers - there's the whole palette available out there. Yet though you can tell there's a major domination of pastel pinks, sea foam blues, and silver whites.

If you're among the people rocking the pastel hair look you might find this interesting. Did you know that this trend isn't new at all? To be precise it is 300 years old.

Both men and women colored their hair or wig throughout the 17th and 18th centuries using a hair powder. Powdering was introduced when King Henry IV of France (1589-1610) used dark powder on his greying hair. Hair powder was originally used mostly as a degreaser. Later on, it became a symbol of upper echelon. Everyone who wanted to be treated with respect in the higher circles of society had to powder their hair. The general rule was: the stronger the color, the better. That's why we can spot slightly off-white hair on the portraits from the century. But what's the most interesting part, after a while hairdressers of the time developed a hair powder in variety of colors! One could choose from palette of white, brown, grey, orange, pink, red, blue, or violet. And it was scented as well! Soon, it became an instant sensation to powder your hair in different colors, especially in pastel shades. Unsurprisingly, the trend became particularly strong among the ladies. You can spot a variety of colored hair on the paintings as they vary from natural shades to excessive pigments. The finest known example is A Portrait of a Young Lady painted by Yermolai Kamezhenkov in 1790 (2nd row, 3rd picture) where you can spot that famous pastel pink shade. Powdered hair remained in fashion until the beginnings of the French Revolution. And that's where the craze for the pastel-colored hair really came from.

If you're up for trying the baby pink or silver white shades in an "old school" way, there's an original 1770's formula hair powder available on for £10.23. The powder has been made of original recipe from 18th century that hasn't been altered. It's easily washable and lasts for longer as you need to use less than a regular dyer per wash.

Check out the details here and here.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blow Up by Tim Walker

Yet another enchanting piece of work by, marvelous as always, Tim Walker. "Blow Up" photoshoot made for W magazine explores the display of chamber's bewitching past while dressed-like models play around in the rooms. The idea of using oversized wallpapers made from the classical paintings is a brilliant design practice - makes the reference instantly obvious yet redefines the historical resemblance in a fresh manner. And it also make the interiors look amazing - we'd definitely give these wallpapers a go in home decor.

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Tim Walker’s Sugar Crystallised Roses and Cream, 2010