Saturday, 8 March 2014

Wisteria Hysteria by Stephen Jones & Henry Pincus

Brand new, bold approach to perfume advertising. Ladies & Gentlemen, the future is now.

Stephen Jones launches his seductive new scent, Wisteria Hysteria, with a fashion film by Henry Pincus. The work is set in a world that is both rococo and futuristic, and depicts a woman discovering a new dimension to herself, all while clad in L'Wren Scott. The deliberate contradictions of the scent - clean but sensual, familiar yet strange - are reflected in the protagonist's complex new side.

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Night Hotel in NYC

Can please somebody tell me why is New York so goddamn perfect? Just found those beautiful photos of NYC's 'The Night Hotel', a noir, monochromatic dream for every interior connoisseur. I love the consistency of the design, the strong sense of certain kind of experience it offers and the bravery behind such a bold and creative idea. I'll make sure to stay precisely there when I'll visit the big apple one day.

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2014

Art deco revival. Cavalli's fall collection surely is a stunner. We're usually not very fond of Cavalli but I got to admit that this season's reinvention of the roaring 20's and dazzling 30's is truly remarkable. I'm loving those prints.