Wednesday, 17 April 2013

H&M Fashion Conscious Exclusive picks

Fashion Conscious Exclusive is a brand new campaign from H&M that aims at emphasizing the awareness and importance of using recycled/sustainable fabrics to create collections of long-term durability. The collection offers "more sustainable fashion full of Hollywood glamour", a partywear with a dash of drama and bold designs. The initiative for more luxurious-but-still-affordable limited collections available in worldwide clothing brands is highly praised and always awaited by the dozens of customers. This time H&M clearly took an effort to create one of their most brilliant and beautiful collections. While this limited edition is unfortunately sold out in most of the places you can still look for it online. Here's the selection of our favourite designs.

Dress with beaded embroidery
69.99 GBP

Clutch with beaded embroidery
24.99 GBP

Alice band with beads
12.99 GBP

Asymmetric dress
39.99 GBP

Embroidered dress
199.99 GBP

Dress with roses
69.99 GBP

Alice band with roses and gauze
12.99 GBP

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