Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Special: London Window Displays Part 2

Here's the 2nd part of the Christmas window displays special. Harrods never ceases to amaze their clientele and this year they've transformed their windows into dazzling Gatsby-esque Art Deco tale of Christmas Express where passengers sit around in beautiful 30's sets awaiting to reach their snowy destination. Each window represents different carriage and every single one is lavishly decorated with a wondrous detail. Watching people around us, we have to admit it's pretty hard for a passer-by not to stop and contemplate those beautiful views for a while. Such a shame though that displays like this are so temporary - despite of advertising itself, the magic with which it resonates make them deserve an gallery exhibition stand alone. Well, perhaps one day someone will bring back all those sets in a curated exhibition - how amazing would that be? 

We couldn't help to resist the temptation to add a bit of a personal flavour so we shot the windows in a way that creates a bit of narrative between the mannequins + we found this brilliant track made by Caretaker (a spacious and a bit eery remake of 20's tunes combined with scratchy sounds that reminds of train's wheels clashing with rusty rails) and we couldn't not combine it altogether. So...

Press play down below, sit back and enjoy the pics! Thank You, Harrods!

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