Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nicola Samori's Paintings

La Storia, 2009

Italian artist, Nicola Samori, depicts the subject of deconstruction of beauty, framed in dark, post-modern grotesque. Her haunting baroque style paintings are situated in a somewhat surreal past tense. The subjects are like echos of their former selves, any distinguishing features are blurred or melting away as if they are torn between two worlds. The feeling of combined daunt and mystery makes them particularly interesting. We would love to see these on the walls of some creepy chateau!

My works are planes of temporal accumulation and push the image towards its dissolution. My attention is focused on the last moments of a work when a form of exhausted, at-the-limit beauty is impressed in it. I like taking the image to a breaking point, putting its form into danger.

We find it comforting to see there are still some interesting painters out there; in times overruled by photography, works like these makes us hope for the better future of paintings in whole, as an art form.

L’oro galleggia, 2011

Ogni Estasi è Indecente, 2011

Hans Holbein – écorché (estasi), 2010

J.R.S.G. (del nascondimento), 2010

Simonia (Gambassi), 2008

J.V., 2009

Simonia (S.G.M.), 2008

Lucrezia, 2010

Rapture, 2010

Manto minimo, 2011

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