Tuesday, 12 November 2013

J's Halloween Look 2013

Yes, I know I'm late. Halloween is already behind us and I got so busy at the time I couldn't find a spare moment to post it. But better late then never! This year I went for the sort of a twist of a Wednesday Addams x Pin Up girl x 60's spooky librarian mix that eventually made me look like a sort of dark version of Lana Del Rey (which I totally don't mind haha). I used La Riche Directions turquoise hair dye and I absolutely loved the effect! For those of you interested in achieving pastel shade I recommend doing what I did - don't put the paste directly onto your hair, try mixing it with hair conditioner instead, in 20% paste - 80% conditioner ratio. You'll get a nice strong pistachio shade. You can always add up more paste later on if you prefer stronger shade. I also used black lipstick from MAC - it spreads  brilliantly and covers lips nicely for a long time, definitely worth recommending! The studded headband is from Call It Spring for £3, and earrings are from H&M for £7 + I found this bow neck dress in second hand for as little as £7. Putting everything altogether and voilĂ ! I'm ready to party. Hope you like it!

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