Friday, 21 February 2014

Bonne Bouche by Jane Howarth

Meet Jane Howarth. She takes the "dirty animals" (species that are often overlooked, discarded, unvalued) and costume jewelry and creates strange creatures that are deemed museum worthy. There is this great dichotomy going on here of beauty and ugliness, desire and repulsion, tenderness and the face of death. I think these are some important and gorgeous works to see! The birds are part of her Bonne Bouche collection of '1930's Sea Birds', who have feasted on a picnic of leather gloves, pearl necklaces and other delightful items left abandoned on the sand.

I have a curious mind that searches into, and appreciates, the corners of life and death that others may find ugly and grotesque. I enjoy exploring a world that challenges our perceptions of beauty and verges on the macabre.
My work is, among other things, an attempt to transform dead animals into strangely beautiful museum pieces. I have become a cosmetic taxidermist, playing with both seduction and repulsion.

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