Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Givenchy Menswear A/W 2012

Yes, we do know it was already some time ago, however seeing these being filtered down through the department stores brings up the memories. 
Ricardo Tisci's childhood obsessions with American flag and Minotaur allowed him to plunge into his genuine long-term inspiration and that genuinity, that childhood affection combined with Givenchy's craftsmanship left us all speechless. The outcome - a mixture of tailored look and edgy sportswear, a new take on american punk rock intertwined with ancient mythological nose rings and warrior kilts have granted Tisci a nearly impossible achievement -a creation of a couture AND manly look. Unlike most of the unconventional menswear, these designs are not just weird for the sake of being weird, it feels like they actually compliment the image of a man of the contemporary culture. A redefined silhouettes add roughness and emphasize man's sex appeal as the warrior, the player, the beast. An American Gladiator. We haven't seen menswear that good in years and, in our opinion, it is still the best one to date. I myself haven't seen the collection in a long time, by which I would LOVE to DARE to experiment with such a bold and unconventional look as this. They got me on board with this one. Givenchy re-appreciated.

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