Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nokia L'Amour Collection

Time for a little stroll down the memory lane. In 2006, Nokia emerged with their L'Amour Collection made of three beautifully crafted phones. It was their second so-called "fashion collection" - a series of phones of bold, highly conscious and visually appealing design. Do you remember these days (before iPhone and touchscreen technology) when telephone companies used to experiment with the form and design of the phones to make them more remarkable and intriguing? We certainly do. These three were in the climax of such trend. I remember really liking the idea of such unconventional (and yet sometimes also impractical) design, but what truly hooked me back then was this brilliant advert. I remember seeing it on TV for the first time and being instantly enchanted with the richness of details and romantic, visually compelling style. Being a teenager interested in graphics I adored the way they managed to squeeze so much magic in one minute and how the art direction - the graphics, music, styling, set design, 3D animation etc. seem to visually suit everything else so harmoniously. No one really paid that much attention to the adverts back then in terms of art direction. I thought it was one of the most brilliant and inspirational ads ever made and it deserved a credit in spite of the marketing wheel behind it. Although both fashion and aesthetics in graphic design world had changed since then, I still find Nokia L'Amour Campaign visually enchanting and I still think it deserves to be remembered despite being out of date. 

Also, you can watch 'behind the scenes' here.

nokia | l'amour from roadnorth on Vimeo.

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  1. I was starting to think I'm the one missing this era!! Everything is boring now. Even Apple can't figure out what else to do with the slab. The OSs on the devices back then were atrocious though lol!