Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ralph Lauren Home picks

The name 'Ralph Lauren' is usually associated with fashion but, in comparison to their work on runway, people remain quite unaware that this brand also produce bewitchingly beautiful furniture. Although the prices are sky high, the overall design is astonishing as it truly resembles both the aesthetic and craftsmanship of historical furniture design. If you happen to have a spare couple of thousands and you crave for classical yet tastefully chic interior design, Ralph Lauren is surely for you. Here's a our favourite pieces, for details check the official website.

Rue Royale Bed / Rue Royale Ottoman 
$16,395 / $2,775

Brittany Sofa / Clivedon Tufted Bed
$14,175 / $20,535

One Fifth Dining Arm Chair

Persia Bed / Empire Pedestal Table
$15,885 / $10,485

La Boheme Desk

One Fifth Mirror / One Fifth Bombe
$8,685 / $10,170

Duchess Salon Chair / Cannes Gueridon Table
$6,825 / $7,485

Samovar Table Lamp In Polished Silver / Douglas - Mountain Black
$1,350 / $1,300

Brook Street Tufted Sofa

Ayers Dessert Plate / Bond Tic Tac Toe Set
$45 / $595

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